Innovation & Technology

The OnTyte™ Magnetic Stirrup & Boot System is an innovative, patented and unique technology that provides an optimum level of non-binding magnetic grip between the stirrup footpad and boot sole, founded on an idea to help riders improve their stability and riding enjoyment. After testing early prototypes, it was proven that the magnetic system provided a range of performance benefits not only to amateur and occasional riders, but also to those at the highest levels of equestrian sport.

All of our products are manufactured for Quality and Performance, achieved through extensive Research, Testing & Precise Engineering.

The Stirrup

OnTyte™ Magnetic Stirrups contain rare earth, long lasting neodymium magnetic components; engineered to give the right amount of strength, surface dispersion and weight needed to achieve superior performance benefits.

The illustration shows the results of Testing and Analysis conducted by an Assistant Professor from the Dept. of Engineering at the University of Trieste, Italy, to determine the Optimum Balance of the Magnetic System.

Using simulation models, followed by live testing, analysis was conducted to calculate the optimum dimension of the elements by measuring (a) the saturation of the attracting elements, to ensure no dispersion of magnetic attraction, nor over-capacity of the elements, and (b) the minimum pull force needed, which is the weight used to free magnetic attraction from a flat steel plate, thereby ensuring security of the system

The Sole

The OnTyte™ Precision Placement Sole is a patented, second generation boot sole that allows a rider to personalize the position and range of magnetic attraction between their boots and stirrups. The sole has been designed with input from OnTyte riders and is manufactured by Vibram, the leading producer of soles for sport and outdoor, ensuring a form and construction that allows for easy fitting by bootmakers and shoe repair specialists. The rider can now choose between 10 possible combinations of personalization so that precise foot placement is assured, as well as a variety in the range and strength of magnetic grip with the stirrups.

Patents : OnTyte LLC has U.S.A., European and International patents pending for a Magnetic Stirrup System.
OnTyte™ Soles are registered under U.S. Patent No. 8,371,046 and patent pending in Europe and Internationally.

customizable magnet position_sole_ontyte magnetic stirrup