Stirrups First!

Stirrups are an important piece of riding tack for an Equestrian.  Stirrups are the rider’s “ground”, providing essential balance and control when in the saddle. Losing a stirrup can cost a professional rider valuable points and earnings, while losing a stirrup for an amateur rider can cause a lack of focus and confidence.

Watch the videos below to see how OnTyte works and the best techniques for dismounting.

How it works

Techniques to Easily Dismount

The OnTyte™ Magnetic Stirrup & Boot System works by creating a non-binding magnetic grip between the stirrup footpad and riding boot sole.

The magnetic attraction is enough to give a rider extra Security, Control & Confidence when riding, while also allowing for easy dismount at any time, including during a fall or emergency. ONTYTE helps all riders to improve the Performance, Quality & Enjoyment of their riding.

Riding boots can be easily resoled with the OnTyte™ Precision Placement Boot Sole by a skilled cobbler or shoe repair shop, and we work with most custom bootmakers who will fit OnTyte soles during production (FAQ more information). The OnTyte™ Collection of Designer Footwear, crafted in Italy, is a great solution for everyday short boots and matching mini-chaps.

Advice from the pros & top coaches

The OnTyte™ Magnetic Stirrup & Boot System

Scott chooses Performance

Jur chooses Control

Jos chooses Security

Phlippa Coaches with ONTYTE

Champions Explain the Benefits

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